Terms and Conditions

1. The customer agrees that the terms and conditions stated herein shall be considered as an integral part of the JOLLIBEE PARTY Reservation Form covering the booking made by him/her.
2. The duration of the party shall be two (2) hours starting from the reserved time. If extension of the party time is desired, this must be arranged before the scheduled party date and may be accommodated provided it does not disrupt any other party reservation or store’s operations. Every 30-minute extension or its fraction shall be charged an additional P500.
3. To ensure that ample space is reserved and your guests are comfortable, the expected number should be booked. Moreover, the actual number of guests should not exceed the maximum capacity of the assigned party zone, as indicated in the reservation form.
  We allow an additional booking of guests and food orders made after confirmation. However, if additional guests or food orders exceed 20% of original booking, this shall be accommodated on a best effort basis, taking into consideration, space and product availability.
4. Food shall be served within one hour counting after from the reserved time/schedule start of party, unless otherwise agreed upon by customer and store at the time the party is booked.
5. Food and beverages served by Jollibee are best consumed during the party.
6. Jollibee shall not allow food and beverages, including party cakes not provided by Jollibee to be served and/or consumed during the duration of the party. If, for any reason, this provision is violated, Jollibee shall not be liable for any loss, injury, damage or expense that may be claimed by customer or any guest purportedly arising from food or beverage served during the party.
7. Only approved Jollibee theme materials such as lootbags, giveaways, streamers and others shall be allowed to be displayed and distributed during the duration of the party.
8. Only Jollibee mascots shall perform and provide entertainment during the party. Other entertainers like mascots, puppets, acrobats, magicians or clowns shall not be allowed.
  Mascot performance shall last for a maximum of 30 minutes. Additional fees shall be charged for any extension of the mascot’s performance which shall be at the sole discretion of Jollibee.
  Mascot performance shall be composed of a dance number, mingling with the guests, picture taking and candle blowing. At no time shall the mascot be allowed to carry any child or item belonging to the customer or guest.
  Customer shall only be entitled to a refund of the mascot appearance fee (and no additional cost, expenses or damages) if the mascot is unable to appear during the party. Upon such refund, the customer will have no further right against Jollibee store due to non-appearance of the mascot.
  Mascot reservation shall be made upon confirmation of the party and availability is on a first-come-first-served basis.
  For parties held at venues other than the Jollibee store, mascot appearance is limited to the following:
  Parties in school
  Clubhouses / functions rooms
  Parks / playgrounds
  Provided that the following conditions shall be strictly complied with:
° A dressing room/changing room of at least 2 x 3 meters must be provided.
° The dressing room/changing room must be fully covered
° The dressing room/changing room is not more than 20 meters from the appearance site or stage
° The dressing room/changing room shall have sufficient ventilation (air conditioned room or with at least 2 fans) which shall be determined solely by Jollibee.
  Mascots are NOT allowed to appear in residences. Jollibee reserves the right to refuse any mascot appearance whether in-store or in other venues.
9. Bookings shall be confirmed within 3 days after reservation and at least 5 days before the actual party date; otherwise, Jollibee shall have the discretion to cancel the reservation.
10. A minimum of P3,000 downpayment is required to book a party.
  The down payment shall be in the form of cash, credit card, Jollibee Gift Certificate (“Jollibee GC”) or check. Check payments however, should be current-dated and remitted at least 5 banking days before the scheduled date of the party, to allow sufficient time for check clearing. The check should be payable to the Jollibee store.
  If payment of any amount shall be in the form of manager’s check, the client should advise the store of the following information at least a day (within banking days for weekend transactions) before the actual party: Issuing bank, check number Otherwise, the store has the right to ask for other form of payment.
11. Immediately at the end of the party, the total party cost will be computed based on prevailing prices on the day of the party and the balance must be paid in cash, credit card or Jollibee GC.
12. If the actual number of guests does not meet the number reserved for or if the total quantity of food reserved is not consumed, adjustments or refund will not be made.
13. A party may be cancelled provided that written notice is given at least 2 weeks before the scheduled date of the party. If the party is not cancelled within the specified period, an amount equivalent to 20% of the total party food cost reserved will be deducted.
  In the event that the party could not be held due to fortuitous events or any other causes beyond the store’s control, Jollibee shall refund the down payment less any expenses already incurred.
14. The customer or any of the guests shall be responsible for any damage they may cause to the store during the party.
15. Jollibee has instituted measures to ensure safety and security of the store and its customers. The Customers in turn are likewise expected to do their part in ensuring their personal safety and security and that of their guests and their belongings.
16. Jollibee shall not be liable for any damage or injury caused to the customer, his/her guests except if such damage or loss is due to the fault or gross negligence of the store management or any of its employees. If, for whatever reason, the Jollibee should be found liable for any damages to the customer, said liability or damage shall not exceed P1,500. The customer agrees that all complaints must be made within 24 hours from the date of the party, otherwise, the same is deemed waived.
  If, for whatever reason, Jollibee should be found liable for any damages to the customer, said liability or damage shall not exceed P1,500., and shall be awarded only after a judgment from a competent court.
  The customer agrees that all complaints must be made within 24 hours from the date of the party, otherwise, the same is deemed waived.